Pixels + Ethos = Pixos

Pixos Print brings you the technical expertise of a top-quality digital printer. That’s the “Pixels” of our name. What makes us different is our "Ethos", our character and credibility. We operate according to our guiding beliefs in running an ethical business, living up to our promises, and making our customers look their absolute best.

We Are Experts in Digital Printing

When we opened our business in 2001, we were part of a nationwide franchise of digital printing companies and at the forefront of the digital emergence into mainstream commercial printing. We had the tools and support to learn the digital printing business from the ground up. This makes us the most experienced digital printing company in Rochester. We have the deep expertise, equipment and operator training to hold corporate colors, branding and quality standards on a completely digital platform from online ordering to delivery. 

Our History

  • In 2006 we restructured our business, upgraded our facility and equipment and increased staff to concentrate on strictly B2B digital printing
  • In 2008 we invested in a direct imaging four-color press for longer run lengths
  • In 2009 we added a laminator, allowing us to produce quality digital prints quickly
  • in 2011 our digital scoring and folding equipment arrived for higher-quality finishing capabilities
  • In 2014 we added our sign capabilities, taking our digital printing skill set and translating it to large format
  • In 2016 we perfected our Pixos Anytime digital-on-demand portal taking print management online for our customers

Pixos Anytime. Enhancing our Customer's Workflow

We enhance our web-to-print services continuously through training and development, offering our customers the flexibility of online ordering. Today, using Pixos Anytime, we build and customize our client's online ordering systems in-house, using a more robust software solution tailored to their needs rather than an off-the-shelf service like most of our competitors.