Pixos Print In the Community.

As an established business with a focus on the greater Rochester area, Pixos Print has a long, demonstrated commitment to supporting many local non-profit organizations. We make our contributions in volunteer time, in donations of printing services, and in monetary support.

Our history of supporting our community was instilled in our owners, Ron and Mike Bittner, through their father’s example. Ronald L. Bittner, president and CEO of Frontier Corporation from 1992 to 1997, was well known throughout the region for his commitment to the non-profit organizations he supported. We carry on this tradition of service to our community, and we work with our team to make it a core belief of our organization.

>Pixos Print sponsors regularly scheduled volunteer days, in which teams of our employees help with community projects during work hours. Many of our employees are involved in community service during their off-hours as well, and we support the causes and organizations for which our employees have special interest and passion.


Projects We Support.

Pixos Print makes a special effort to support projects that fund cancer research and mental health research and support.

In addition, we give time and in-kind donations to the following organizations:

We also support these community organizations: