Healthcare Materials


Healthcare Materials Printing


Concise, direct information can be a critical part of a patient’s healing process, whether it’s a booklet of physical therapy information for joint replacement patients or a brochure explaining what a cancer patient can expect from chemotherapy.

Pixos Print works with many healthcare organizations throughout upstate New York to design and produce healthcare and medical materials to assist providers and patients. Our attention to detail and quality control ensures that materials comply with laws and regulations, and our file management and storage methods make certain that only the approved materials are archived for current and future use.

Once your materials are in place on your Pixos Anytime site, you can order additional booklets, brochures and manuals with ease — even if you need customized versions. You can select the pages and sections you would like, choose your binding method, and order as many or as few as you need at the time. Your materials will arrive promptly, exactly as you ordered them.

Let Pixos Print streamline your process for supplying patient information materials in a timely manner. Give us a call to get started.