Clinical Studies Printing

Clinical Studies


In the sensitive area of clinical testing and research, materials must be prepared the exact specifications of government and scientific agencies. You need a partner you can trust with confidential information, and one who understands the stakes and the need for absolute accuracy.

Pixos Print has extensive experience in working in the clinical sector, producing materials for major medical testing and healthcare companies. Our clients include ACM Global Labs, the University of Rochester Medical Center, VetPharm, iCardiac, VirtualScopics, and Bausch & Lomb. These clients trust us for our process-driven approach, and our adherence to the quality processes they establish with us at the outset.

When you work with Pixos Print, your project gains these advantages:

  • Online ordering and file management
  • Standardized manuals for consistency throughout your study and across your organization—which can be very useful when a new manager joins the study
  • Benchmarked parts of manuals that can be protected against any changes
  • Specific sections of manuals that can be changed as required
  • Brand elements built into your materials—eliminating “rough branding” and visual inconsistencies
  • The ability to print and deliver manuals within 1 or 2 business days

Are you ready to standardize your process for creating your clinical manuals? Contact us now.