Whether you have an established logo design or you’re just starting your business, you need your graphic image to be consistent across all of your materials, from the logo on your front door to the return address on your envelopes.

At Pixos Print, we put nearly two decades of color management experience to work to keep your colors true and your image crisp and sharp, no matter how you use them. Our proprietary color matching process makes certain that you achieve the look you need to define your organization and communicate your brand message.




Business Cards

Business Cards


Streamline your business cards ordering with Pixos Anytime, our online ordering system.



Pixos Print takes your corporate identity as seriously as you do:

  • Fast and Easy: Update and reorder cards in seconds

  • High Quality: Create high-impact cards (whether you order 50 or 5,000)

  • Exact Color Matching:  Guarantee your colors will be on brand

  • Special Features: Utilize die-cut shapes, photos, folds, round corners and double thickness to create cards that stand out

Every time your company hires a new employee, you’ve got the tedious task of ordering business cards from your printer. If you’re working with a lettershop or a conventional printer, you have to provide the copy, wait for proofs to arrive, get multiple proofs to get the spelling right, and then wait again for the finished cards. If you want something special—an unusual card stock or a die cut—it can add weeks to the process.

Pixos Print eliminates all of those time-consuming steps with Pixos Anytime, our online, password-protected ordering system.

  • We load your company’s business card template into the system, with your logo and corporate colors in place.
  • Your template stays on our system as long as you like, so you can edit and reorder cards in seconds.
  • When it’s time to order new cards, you simply type in the name, title, and contact information for the new person. Create a PDF with a couple of clicks, and you’ve got a proof you can circulate for approval.
  • Make your own corrections to the template, send us the final PDF online, and know that your business cards will be printed exactly to your specifications.

If you’re looking for special features like die-cut shapes, full-color photo images, folded cards, rounded corners, two-sided cards, or high-gloss coated stock, Pixos Print can create cards that feature any effect you can dream up.

Most important, you know that Pixos Print takes your corporate identity as seriously as you do. Your business cards will arrive with exact color matches and crisp, high-quality images and text, whether you order 50 or 5,000 pieces.


Letterhead & Envelopes

Letterhead / Envelope Printing


Brand identity goes well beyond the logo on your door. Your correspondence needs to portray your business as a solid, permanent organization, one your clients and customers can depend on for the long term.

Many companies use word processing templates to print their own letterhead and envelopes, but you can’t always be sure that the colors your office inkjet printer pumps out are true to your corporate image. Worse, your office printer may have alignment issues that create dropouts or distort your image.

You need a printer that can provide an exact color match every time, and produce crisp, clear images that represent the best of your company. Pixos Print uses its proprietary color management system to match and maintain your logo and corporate colors on every sheet and every envelope. We keep your files for you, so you can make changes when you need them and place a fresh order.

Best of all, you don’t have to commit to reams of printed letterhead—we can print as few or as many sheets as you like.



Business Identity Sign Printing


You’ve worked hard to establish your brand identity, so it’s time to make sure that all of your materials reflect your image and its meaning. Pixos Print can help you ensure that your logo and tag line represent your company correctly in every medium, including the signs in your place of business.

Pixos Print can translate your logo to the wall of your lobby, your windows, or just about any surface in your place of business. We can create permanent signs for your storefront or the entrance in your office building, as well as the graphics for your trucks, vans and cars. Make us your single supplier for all of your signs and graphics, no matter where they appear:

  • Custom dry erase boards
  • Wallpaper
  • Removable graphics
  • Magnet mural
  • Window graphics
  • Banners