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Direct Mail and Postcards


Direct Mail / Postcards


A successful direct mail effort includes many facets; a good lead list that targets the desired market, it delivers an effective message, and it's delivered to the post office without any defects. Include analytics to measure results for continuous improvement and you are sure to have successful campaigns. Pixos Print can help you get all of these elements in place and provide print management expertise from the time your mailing prints to measuring the results.

Direct Mail services that go further than addressing and mailing:

Take advantage of our "Rolling Database" service. This allows you to mail to a portion of your list in a selected interval, giving your sales force the time they need to act on the leads you receive before the next mailing drops. You can manage the flow of leads, making your campaign more manageable — and more successful.

We can also help you buy targeted mailing lists. We begin by analyzing your database to determine what kind of list and audience will augment it effectively. Working with you, we pinpoint your target audience and buy a list that provides the most relevant additional prospects for your mailings.

We can design and print your custom postcards (including 4x6 postcard printing). From standard sizes to more complex promotional pieces.

We provide fulfillment and distribution services. Pixos Print provides all the fulfillment and distribution services you need at our facility.

Or, we can connect you with the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program. Using Every Door, you can skip a mailing list and target entire local mail delivery routes — and save money on postage and printing.