Product / Technical Manual Printing

Technical Manual Printing


Have you talked to frustrated customers who can’t access an online product manual because they can’t find it, they lost their password, or they just can’t get online? When you’re working with a high-value product, nothing beats a printed product manual, and Pixos Print can help you make it fast and easy to put manuals in the hands of your customers.

At Pixos Print, we work with major manufacturers like Getinge, Gorbel, ProTech, Ashley Audio, and GE MDS to keep their manuals current with changing technology.

Here’s how we work with you to streamline the process:

  • First, we sit down with you to discuss the content, versions, and kinds of manuals you need for your organization. We work through the printing requirements you need, based on the way your training programs are carried out.
  • Pixos then develops a pilot project and creates a proof based on your input. We get together with you to discuss revisions, and we remain at the proof stage until the manual is exactly what you need.
  • When we have a final product in hand, we work with your purchasing department to develop the ordering process and the pricing, based on the total volume you expect to use.
  • With a purchase order in hand, we can have the first manuals to you within days.
  • Whenever you need manuals, simply visit your Pixos Anytime website and order exactly what you need. Make changes to existing text, select the pages and binding you would like, choose a quantity, and you’re ready to run.
  • Even if you manage hundreds of different training courses and programs, you can enjoy this easy ordering, custom content and on-time delivery.

We can even manage the writing and graphic design process for your manuals, so your skilled product development staff members don’t need to spend hours agonizing over words and diagrams.

Let us create a custom process for your product manuals. Get started now.