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Product Manual Printing and Production

Make Manual Printing and Production Easier
  • Reduce admin time to meet tight timelines

  • High-value, detail-oriented and streamlined production process

  • Quick, easy and accurate ordering and updates with Pixos Anytime

  • Centralized control, decentralized ordering

Pixos Print provides printing and assembly of training and product manuals for some of the most highly regarded programs in the country. Our proprietary set-up and ordering process has been perfected over the course of nearly two decades. Our client's tell us we have the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective service available for ordering just the number of manuals they need when they need them.

Using our Pixos Anytime print-management service, we provide secure access to view your files, determine and execute revisions if necessary, select pages or kits, select the order quantity and place the order within minutes. We take it from there, printing and assembling to specification. This system is so efficient we can meet even the shortest of deadlines.

Here’s the best part: You can give your staff access to the system so they can order what they need when they need it. Pixos Anytime provides complete reports detailing order history, so you’ll always know who’s ordered what. Enjoy centralized communication control with decentralized ordering, so you don’t have to play traffic cop for your company’s entire training program.

In addition, the system is a huge long-term cost-savings. It allows us to analyze ordering and project volume over time, which in turn allows us to price individual orders based on projection. You never pay for more than you need and never have to store pre-assembled manuals or delay orders based on cost.

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