Personalization (Variable Data)

Marketing Booklets Printing

Variable data is so effective in increasing response rates that it more than justifies the additional cost—and our clients find that it’s much more cost-effective to implement than they imagined.

You can use variable data to personalize every piece in a direct mail campaign, bringing carefully chosen messages and images to the right target audience. Change the content of a catalog to reach audiences with specific interests, or send messages about new products to the people who are most likely to buy them. You can select different messages to go to different groups, tailoring your message to fit each person on your list.

If you already have a customer and/or prospect list, Pixos Print can work with you to mine this data and find the information you need to target your audience more effectively. We also can help with purchasing an additional list, by choosing the most relevant data that will ensure the greatest impact.

Pixos Print has vast experience in working with clients to use variable data printing. Let us put together a solution for your mailing or print job, so you can see how inexpensive and user-friendly it is to put variable data to work.