Fulfillment / Distribution

Fulfillment / Distribution


What if your direct mail campaign worked the first time, bringing you a wealth of new prospects and customers?

Once your printed pieces are ready to go, there’s no need to occupy valuable internal staff members with the busywork of stuffing, sorting and mailing. Pixos Print provides all the distribution services you need, right here in our Goodway Drive facility.

Make Pixos Print your one-stop supplier, and eliminate the administrative time it takes to fulfill orders internally. Pixos Print makes the job easy, with inventory tracking and efficient ordering in our Pixos Anytime online customer portal.

  • Eliminate obsolete materials by ordering only as much as you need for each mailing or promotion.
  • Gain centralized control of your brand by maintaining all of your digital files in one place. You have the flexibility of decentralized ordering—access Pixos Anytime from any device with a web browser and an Internet connection.
  • Order anytime, from anywhere, with 24/7 access.
  • Get customized reports on all aspects of your order history and orders in progress.
  • The result: You spend less time managing your digital files and your printing, and more time on higher payoff activities.

We can support your sales organization as well, by receiving orders and sending out materials from one central location. This shortens your marketing supply chain by building efficiencies into your process—saving you time, money, and effort.

We can also connect you with the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program. Using Every Door, you can skip the mailing list and target entire local mail delivery routes—and save money on postage and printing.

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