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Logo Design Testimonial

Your new business needs a graphic identity, a logo that will appear on all of your materials, from signs to business cards. Chances are you can’t afford the cost of a big advertising agency—or the time (often months) it will take for a large firm to bring you ideas and finalize designs. You may be tempted by online services that promise a logo for a rock-bottom price, but these services can’t provide the marketing strategy to create a truly effective logo design.

Pixos Print’s in-house design team can take your company from ideation to final design in as little as six weeks. We offer agency-level design resources with the efficiency of a small organization, and we make our services affordable for start-ups. Our team conducts market research and provides strategic thinking to make your graphic image relevant to your company, and memorable for your potential customers.

Equally important, Pixos Print makes certain that your final logo design is actually printable, so you can use it in one-color, two-color, and full-color applications.

Let’s talk about the graphic identity of your new business. Get started now.